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you should make a sechuel

;) ;) ;)

This game was very cool!  I enjoyed the concept, atmosphere and some of the puzzles in the game to! 

Thanks for using my lo-fi ambiance! I found out only today by pure chance through Vinesauce.

Pretty cool experience. You do have talent.

Hey thanks so much! Your work is great and as soon as I found the track I had an ah-ha moment and downloaded immediately.  🛸

Thanks! I actually found the lack of crediting a bit strange since I grew curious about the rest of the soundtrack, though given the short length perhaps it was intentional. Have you been working on new projects?

Oh shoot, I thought I included credits in a readme; my bad. I can push an update that includes this. Your work is great and helps create the atmosphere in Otherside.

Yeah actually. I've been working on a few things here and there. One of these projects is a similar experience to Otherside.  

That sounds exciting, definitely looking forward to it. Do you have a Discord, by chance? I'd love to get in touch.

And sure, an update would be great since I discovered my music on your game about six months after it was first streamed, haha.


I pushed the update yesterday and included credits as well as a link to your bandcamp :)

Feel free to add me on Discord: benlap#6542

Happy to chat.

Now I'll never have to take LSD thank you for this trip XD Your game starts at 6:45

The puzzles were very simple which I understand were more of a secondary focus with the primary being design and hot damn this was beautiful!

Really cool and weird! Just what I look for in an Indie game! :) 


WTF DID I JUST PLAY?! | Otherside Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Excuse me, what the fuck did I just play?

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Great Job! Visuals were stunning and i loved it every step of the way.

*Slip slap slip slap slip slap*


The visuals on this were fantastic and really made the game what it is. Superb lighting and sound made the atmosphere and was great to just sit back and watch. Reminded me a little of the game "Fugue In Void" which was also all about visuals and movement. Overall this was short but well worth a play. Great job... :)

ooo I’ll have to give Fugue a play, it looks great. Thank you so much for recording a full play through, going to share it with some pals. Glad you enjoyed :)


Reminded me a bit of that one scene in Interstellar. Very pretty.


Hehe thanks!