There Was the Moon v1.2 Released

Hey everyone,

Version 1.2 is out! I appreciate all of the feedback via reviews and on Discord. In this update I tried to address the 'Keeper' puzzle being too vague as well as various smaller issues.

Version 1.2:

  • Added a visual cue to help players call the Keeper within the Apparatus.
  • Added a twinkling audio cue to help players find the conduits.
  • Added toggle to disable mouse smoothing.
  • Fixed various typos in game text.
  • Fixed various visual hiccups.
  • Fixed various clipping and collision issues.

In a future update I will be addressing some of the performance issues a few of you have reported.

If you haven't already, please consider leaving a review! This helps others discover this strange game about the moon.



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Aug 03, 2020

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